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Variations: 4

Method of execution

As the title indicates, this set consists of independent adavus all executed in their own individual style.

Mnemonic syllables

The mnemonic syllables are different for each of the constituent adavus.

  1. Dhit ,  Tā (Ᾱdi tālam)
  2. Tat Dhit Tā (Ᾱdi tālam)
  3. Ta Ka Dhi Mi Ta Ki Ta (Misra Gati)
  4. Ta Ka Dhi Mi Ta Ki Ta (Misra Gati)

Body positions

Hand Positions

  • Hands held at chest level
  • Hands at Nātyārambha
  • Hands stretched above the head
  • Hands starting from chest level, circling vertically in a slight angle and back to the chest level


Points to remember

  • These adavus act as small fillers between larger adavu components
  • For the first two adavus, when a movement is taken in Aramandi; the Aramandi as well as the feet position remain steady.
  • The third and fourth adavu are performed to Misram or 7 counts.
  • In the fourth adavu, when one foot is lifted, the body position does not change. 
  • The fourth adavu is also called Mayūra adavu, and the hands hold the Mayūra mudra.