Tei Yā Tei Hi

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Also popularly known as ‘Sarikkal’ or ‘Sarukkaladavu which means to slide.

Variations: 4

Method of execution

In this adavu, the movement of sliding the feet without raising them from the ground, also known as Sarukkal is introduced. To perform this adavu, the body is held straight with the feet in Samapāda position, the toes pointing front. From this position, the right foot is made to slide without raising it from the ground and is brought to the Sama position, upon which the left foot is lifted and made to join the right in Sama position. Both the feet are raised on the heel and both beat the ground or floor with a slight jump, together in Samapāda position.

Mnemonic syllables

Tei Yā Tei hi

Body positions

Hand positions

  • Hands held at chest level
  • Hands at Nātyārambha
  • Hands held at diagonals to the body
  • Hand stretched above the head


Points to remember

  • The slide on one foot is always followed, by the other leg being lifted and placed.
  • The raising of the heels is with a slight jump.