Tei Tei Dat Tā

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Variations: 3

Method of execution

This set of adavus explores the movement between stances. It mostly involves alternating between sitting and standing positions.

Mnemonic syllables

Tei Tei Dhat Tā Dhit Tei Dhat Tā

This adavu is in Tisra Gati.

Body positions

Hand Positions

  • Hands held at chest level
  • Hands stretched at shoulder level, with hand holding respective mudra facing up
  • Hands at Nātyārambha
  • Hand stretched to the back, and then making a straight movement from there to the front at shoulder level
  • Hand stretched from Nātyārambha to diagonal position to the side of the body


Points to remember

This set of adavus explores the movement between stances:

  • From Aramandi to Samapāda,
  • From Aramandi to Prenkhana, and Garudamandala
  • From Muzhumandi to Aramandi

The interim movement is to be presented gracefully.